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I run a Kenwood TM-621a 144 MHz-220 MHz FM mobile transceiver, modified to allow for cross-band repeating, in my car with a Comet SBB-5NMO 2M/70cm Dual Band Mobile Antenna on top of a Browning WSPBR10353 5/8 NMO Mag Mount. While the TM-621a was first released in the late 1980s it is still a very reliable radio for me.

HF Transceiver:
I have a Kenwood TS-940s with the Automatic Tuner kit installed and a cheap MJF 10m-20m antenna I run out our bedroom window down to our fence when I get a chance to get on the air.

Home Monitoring:
I have a Kenwood R-5000 (30 kHz-30 MHz) all mode receiver with optional VC-20 for all modes in VHF 108-174 MHz sitting in my living room for basic monitoring during storms and other events. While it doesn't have a UHF option it is great for everything else I've thrown at it.

I'm not out hiking yet, and my need for an HT is mostly local repeaters, so my go to radio is a 2m single band Kenwood TH-K20A.

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