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Vista Network World Icon June 10, 2009 www.msftncsi.com/ncsi.txt I have always wondered, but never looked in to, how Vista knows when it is online with the little globe over the network icon and today I found out how it does this. This might not be anything surprising to many of you but I thought I would share this little tidbit either way.
SysPrep in Depth - Part 6 - Bringing Parts 1-5 Together September 28, 2007 Taking Parts 1-5 and Creating your First Image - Bringing Parts 1-5 Together Now we have everything lined up we can talk about using a batch file to bring this all together. In this sample script I make use of the optional tool
SysPrep in Depth - Part 5 - Customizing Sysprep.inf September 28, 2007 Customizing Your Sysprep.inf For Use (Last updated 5/15/08 ) - Understanding the sysprep.inf I am know there are other sections to the sysprep.inf then what I will use in this example but in my environment I only use these so I will stick to these. Many of these are also optional and many don't seem to have an effect in my environment but I will still explain them to you. You can find more resources on the sysprep.inf pa…
SysPrep in Depth - Part 4 - Cleaning Up Unneeded Drivers September 28, 2007 Cleaning Up Those Unneeded Drivers - Why We Need To Clean Up Our Drivers When Windows XP detects new hardware it starts looking for drivers in some default areas before it prompts the user for drivers. This feature is great, but there is one huge setback to it, companies that write driver inf's that are
SysPrep in Depth - Part 3 - SysPrep.inf and HAL's September 28, 2007 - What Is The HAL Not Who? If you do not know what the HAL is please see this Microsoft KB article or this WikiPedia article to get an overview of the HAL. I will not go into much detail as to what the HAL is and how it is used so please research this before messing with it, or if you have some test computers to clone to mess with it and see what happens and if you can find the right mix by guessing.
SysPrep in Depth - Part 2 - Verifying SysPrep And Driver File Permissions September 28, 2007 Setting File Permissions On Your SysPrep and Drivers Folders Now you should have a 'drivers' folder and a 'sysprep' folder in the root of the system drive. The driver folder should contain all the drivers for your computers in some sort of structure with a folder for each driver. Now we should check permissions on these files just to make sure SysPrep has access to every file it needs, we wouldn't wan…
SysPrep in Depth - Part 1 - Adding Drivers To Our Image PC September 28, 2007 Preparing a PC to be Imaged with SysPrep When trying to clone one computer to different sets of hardware using SysPrep there are a few steps you should take to help clean up the image computer and get it ready for multi hardware setup. I do realize that Vista does not use SysPrep anymore and this is
Toshiba Settlement and Laptop Power Issue Posted June 25, 2007 Yesterday I picked up a Toshiba M35X laptop that is experiencing a failed power connector on the motherboard. Unfortunately this is not the first time I have seen this. It seems this is a very common issue, and from the site I have found about this issue people have found all kinds of ways to fix this. For more info on this issue see the links below.
HP ze1250 Missing Floppy Posted June 15, 2007 Over the last few days I have been working on a HP ze1250 laptop that has an interesting floppy drive enclosure. When it was first pointed out to me I had no clue as to what it could have been. Upon opening the laptop and checking it out I found a peace of plastic that had been put in slot where the floppy drive should be, but there were no connectors for a floppy drive. It seems HP designed the laptop with a cutout in the molding for a floppy driv…
SysPrep in Depth - Part 8 - Automating your Product Keys November 17, 2007 Automate Entering Your non-VLK Product Keys into Sysprep - The Problem In our environment we have 500+ computers, each with its own product key, and no VLK's at hand to use. I decided one day that typing in all these keys every time we cloned was getting old, so I sat down to find a way around the issue. I needed a database of all the product keys, and a way to map the keys to the box they came with. After finding out…
SysPrep in Depth - Part 7 - Obtaining Your Hardware Drivers October 26, 2007 Finding your drivers for SysPrep - Using software to find them There are all sorts of programs out there to extract drivers from your current system, as long as the device driver is currently installed. These products can be lifesavers when you have a device that was installed and you have no clue where the drivers came from originally. One of my preferred pieces of software is
Archived Blog Posts
Archived Blog Posts
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